kromschroder DG6U-3

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Kromschroder DG6U-3
Kromschroder DG6U-3 Kromschroder DG6U-3 Kromschroder DG6U-3 Kromschroder DG6U-3
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Kromschroder Pressure switch for gas DG
• Monitoring of gas and air pressures (positive, negative and differential pressures)
• EC type-tested and certified pursuant to EN 1854 and class “S”
• UL listed, FM and AGA approved
• Certified pursuant to GOST-TR
• Certified for systems up to SIL 3 and PL e
• Pressure switch with internal lock and manual reset
• Suitable for biologically produced methane (can be used on pipes with Zone 2 explosive atmospheres without isolating amplifier)
• Can be used in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas with an approved isolating amplifier
• RoHS 2002/95/EC
• Special version available for NH3 and O2
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Code                     Description
DG                       Pressure switch for gas
1,5 – 500              Maximum setting in mbar
B                          Positive pressure
U                         Positive pressure,, negative pressure, differential pressure
H                         Locks off with rising pressure
N                         Locks off with falling pressure
I                          Negative pressure for gas
S                         Negative pressure only, for oxygen and ammonia
T                         T-product
G                         With gold-plated contacts
                                  Electrical connection:
-3                      via screw terminals
-4                      via screw terminals, IP 65
-5                      via 4-pin plug, without socket
-6                      via 4-pin plug, with socket
-9                      via 4-pin plug, with socket, IP 65
K2                     Red/green pilot LED for 24 V DC/AC
T                       Blue pilot lamp for 230 V AC
T2                     Red/green pilot LED for 230 V AC
N                       Blue pilot lamp for 120 V AC
A                       External adjustment
Adjusting range, see page 17 (Adjusting range, switching hys - teresis)
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